Pattern Tester Application
Thank you for your interest! I don't mind if you've never pattern tested before or if your photography skills aren't that great, or if you are a beginner. I just want makers that are serious and willing.

To apply:

You must have a public platform that I can see projects you've done whether it be Instagram, Facebook, Ravelry or a blog.

You must take gauge when essential. Blocking is not necessary in any of my designs.

You must be goal and detail oriented. If you cannot commit to finishing the project in the time set, do not apply.

You must take clear photos that do not have distracting things in the background. I can give advice if needed, but do not send me a dark, blurry photo with laundry and toys in the background.

I will send tester calls out via an emailed newsletter, and it will come from After being accepted, I will provide you with a link to sign up for the newsletter.

Your Name *
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Where can I view your work? I must be able to see finished projects. Provide a link to your work. *
How long have you been crocheting? *
What is your crochet level? *
What is your go-to, favorite types of project to work on? *
What is your favorite thing about crocheting? *
Are you experienced and comfortable reading patterns? This is a must. If you choose no, you will not be selected. *
Have you pattern tested before? If yes, for who? *
Have you worked an EyeLoveKnots pattern before? If yes, which one? *
Clear, non-dark and non-blurry photos with nothing distracting in the background are required. Can you provide this? *
Timely, detailed communication is so important. I want to know if you run into a snag, if you find typos and/or errors, if you have any concerns and all feedback in a timely manner. Do you agree to this? *
No reselling of the pattern, or sharing/distributing the pattern in any way other than by providing link to where the pattern can be found. You are the rightful owner of any items that you make from any pattern, and are free to sell, donate or gift as you wish. Some projects must be kept a secret until release, and will be specified. *
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