MAAM 2020 Session Reviewer Application
Thank you for your interest in being a session reviewer for MAAM 2020. This form is for individuals that wish to assist MAAM in selecting and editing sessions for the MAAM 2020 Virtual Conference. Interested persons should fill out this form.

MAAM will select between 3 and 5 reviewers for our Session Review Panel. Reviewers must meet the following requirements:
-- Reviewer must be a current, active member of MAAM. Visit to view the status of your membership. Only exception to this rule are current graduate students.
-- Reviewer must be able to dedicate up to 2 hours over 2-3 days to assist in selecting sessions.
-- Reviewer must be available to assist in following-up with session chairs during the month of June.
-- If by chance a reviewer is selected and that person has either submitted a session proposal or are listed on the panel of said proposal, they must remove themselves from deliberation of that session and abstain from voting for that session.

Please note that we are asking for demographic information. This information will be used to select a panel that reflects the diversity of the MAAM region. You have the option to select "Prefer not to answer".

Reviewers will receive a complimentary registration to the MAAM 2020 Virtual Conference.

This form will be open to applicants until 5pm EST Friday, June 12, 2020.

UPDATE: Due to the uncertainty of how COVID-19 will progress through the remainder of 2020, MAAM is moving the 2020 Annual Conference online. The Board of Directors and the Staff of MAAM made this decision collectively, determining it to be the safest alternative to meeting in-person. The Virtual Conference will take place between October 5-16, 2020.

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