Conflict Academy - Application
Thank you for your interest in CS Ubuntu's 2020 Conflict Academy simulation. Through this document, you submit your application to participate in the simulation which will take place on the 22nd (evening) and 24th of January.
This questionnaire contains a series of questions to get to know your background, your preferences, and any relevant skills that can help us assign you to the best team and character for the simulation. Please answer the questions personally, truthfully, and have some fun!

Please remember your application will then be reviewed during the SELECTION PROCESS, and we cannot guarantee you a spot in our simulation. If selected, you will be required to pay a fee of 2.50 euro to participate if you are not a member of CS Ubuntu.
Part I - Main contact information
Name, surname *
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Studies/course *
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Contact email *
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Part II - Application preferences
The following questions are guidelines we will use to assign you to a Cabinet (a team), and give you a specific character in the simulation. Your preferences will be considered, but cannot be guaranteed.

These questions are based on the content of the simulation, but are NOT the actual content of the simulation.
Please state your FIRST preference of area of action you'd like to participate as:
Please briefly explain the reasons behind your first choice of area:
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Please state your SECOND preference in area of action:
Please state your THIRD preference in area of action:
Part III - Application questionnaire
This section of the questionnaire is designed to help us get to know your way of thinking on the spot, while also guiding you on what kind of situations might come up during the Academy. Answer as creatively or realistically as you'd like/you can - there's no right or wrong answer!
In the event of a crisis/under attack, what do you think should be the main priority? *
Can you very briefly explain why? *
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Final Part IV - Motivation statement
Please write a short motivation statement explaining your interest in this conflict simulation and what you think you could contribute to your team if selected.
Write your motivation statement here *
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