Performance and Security Audit Questionnaire
Filling out this survey will simplify the process of deciding whether the performance audit I offer can be beneficial for your company and what areas to focus on. If you don't know the answer or don't want to share it at the current stage feel free to skip the question.

The results of the survey are confidential, and I'll never share them with 3rd parties.
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Email *
Please describe why you're reaching out and what outcome do you expect from our collaboration.
Is your app already live in production? If yes, please provide the URL.
What's your timezone?
What is the current RPM (requests per minute) peak and mean value?
How many daily active users does your app have?
What is the current mean and bottleneck endpoints' response time?
Which version of Ruby are you using?
Which version of Rails are you using?
Are you hosting the app on Heroku? If not, please describe your hosting stack and deployment process.
Do you use AWS? If yes, list the AWS services that you’re currently using.
Do you use micro-services or a single monolithic application?
What’s your monthly Heroku bill?
What’s your monthly AWS bill?
Do you use PostgreSQL as your primary database? If yes, please provide the version number, where it is hosted, and what's the current RAM size. If you use a different database, please provide info about it.
What’s the current size of your database?
How many rows does the largest table from your database have?
Do you use a staging environment?
Do you use automated tests? Do you know what’s the coverage?
Do you use automated integration tests (simulating real user’s action e.g. using Capybara gem)?
Please paste the contents of your Gemfile file
Please paste the output of running 'rake stats'  command for your Rails app
Do you use Continuous Integration for tests? If yes, which CI provider are you using?
Do you use Continuous Integration for deployments?
What was the reason for your last downtime? Did you manage to fix the underlying cause?
Do you use the frontend SPA framework? If yes, please provide info about its type and version.
What’s the size of your development team? Please also list positions “Frontend developer”, etc.
How old is the codebase and how many different developers have worked on it so far?
Do you gather and store “special categories of personal data” as defined by GDPR policies? (see for definition)
Is your user base geographically local, or you expect a global usage of the app?
Do you use CDN? (content delivery network, e.g., Cloudflare or CloudFront)
Do you use a performance monitoring tool?
Do you use GitHub for your code repository?
Please list other services you use for working on your app: Slack, Google GSuite, etc.
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