Special mod request!
Hiya mappers~ I am bossandy~ I am here to give u some surprises!
This is a special way to get a mod from me.
I will follow the steps below, If I finished all the steps from below for ur forms.
then I will add the map to my modding list!
But before filling the form, see the simple rules below first!

1.BPM under 180 and the song length is shorter than 2 mins 30 secs
2.No more than 5 difficulties. and no Extra diffs (According to the icon shows in website)
3.No Hybrid mapset.
4.If the map is nominated, U have high chance to get a mod from me.
5.Put Metadata in discussion like this, or I will refuse the request.
6.If u fill the form to complain about the form, then GO AWAY and find other BNs.
7.If the map is graveyarded when I start to mod it, I will not mod it and remove the request instead.

Something like this
Step1:Listen to the music first (Provide the music link via youtube or smth else not from osu) *
Your answer
Step2:Take a look at the map if I am interested in it (osu beatmap link, std diffs only no hybrid set) *
Your answer
Step3:Looks good, how many modders do u have now? *
Step4:Good!!! I will mod the map! any commend before u go? *
Your answer
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