Hudson High School Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame Nomination Form

The purpose of the Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame is to recognize individual Hudson High School Graduates who have distinguished themselves in their careers, positively contributed to society, or achieved significant or noteworthy success in a worthwhile endeavor.

Nominations will be accepted for Hudson High School graduates, who must have graduated at least ten years from the induction year, in each of the following categories:

Science and Engineering

Business and Industry

Military Achievement

Fine Arts and Performing Arts, Literature

Education and Government

Community Service, Philanthropic Endeavors, HCSD Volunteer Service

Professional Sports and Entertainment


Selections may be made in each of the categories.

Each year the committee may select one or two former Hudson City School District staff members for induction to the Hall of Fame There may be no more than one selection from each category in any one induction class.The two categories for Distinguished Staff Consideration are:

Teachers, counselors, administrators

Support staff members & Board of Education members

The induction program for the Hall of Fame will be in odd numbered years with nominations due by April 30 of the year of induction.

The nominations will be kept in a running file for consideration in subsequent inductions.

The induction program will coincide with the Hudson High School Homecoming weekend.

A committee process will be employed to consider nominations. The committee will convene in late May with selections being announced in mid June.

Committee members will communicate with the selected nominee about the selection and subsequent Homecoming weekend events.

Nominations must be completed In FULL. No partially completed nomination forms will be considered.
First Name of Nominee *
Last Name of Nominee *
First Name Contact if Nominee is Deceased
if nominee is deceased, please list next of kin first name
Last Name of Contact if Nominee is Deceased
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Year of Graduation from HHS *
please use four digits eg 1947
Street Address of Nominee *
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Apartment Number of Nominee
City of Nominee *
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State of Nominee *
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Zip Code of Nominee *
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Phone Number of Nominee *
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Email of nominee
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First Name of Nominator *
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Phone Number of Nominator *
Email of Nominator
Category for Nomination *
please select the category for which the nominee should be considered
Honors *
Please list the distinctions which led you to nominate this candidate. Include all items you wish the committee to consider.
Collegiate Information
please include college attended if applicable
Professional Recognitions
please include any professional recognitions that the nominee has received
Nominator's Statement *
please include any comment which you wish to include to endorse this nomination
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