Digital Learning Framework Parent Survey CBS High School
The Digital Learning Framework is designed to help schools manage the transformation of Teaching and Learning with digital technology.

The Framework will help schools and teachers to up skill in order to effectively apply digital technologies to the learning process.

As part of the process, we are collecting information regarding the use of Digital Technology in our school and we would greatly appreciate your input on this.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey.

CBS High School Clonmel
1. How many children do you have attending CBS High School?
2. What ages are they?
Your answer
3. When it comes to technology being used to enhance learning, do you think our school is:
4. Looking ahead 10 years or so, the role of technology in educating students will become:
5. What digital device/ devices do you currently own?
6. Do you have WiFi at home?
7. Does your child(ren) have access to a PC, laptop or tablet at home?
8. At what age did your child start using digital learning materials/devices outside a school setting?
9. Does your child(ren) have a smartphone?
10. Do you agree with your child(ren) having a smart phone?
11. How confident are YOU to try new things using technology?
12. Would you agree with your child(ren) using a mobile device in the classroom to aid their learning?
13. If you had to pick only one mobile device to help your child(ren) learn at school, which device would it be?
14. Are you aware that your child(ren) now have a dedicated school email address?
15. Are you aware of your child(ren) being asked to work on an online task with other students in a group?
16. Are you aware of your child(ren) using their smart phones in school for educational purposes?
17. How comfortable are you with your child(ren) using their smart phones in class for educational purposes?
Very Uncomfortable
Very Comfortable
18. Which of the following digital learning materials are you aware of your child(ren) using in their classes? (Choose all that apply)
19. Are you aware of teachers assigning homework involving digital learning materials.? (e.g. Internet for research, apps, online educational videos/games etc.)
20. Are you interested in your child(ren) having more at-home digital content available to supplement what’s being taught in school?
21. What effect do you believe educational technology has on students’ learning?
22. How do you think technology could make a positive difference for students? (Choose top three)
23. Why would you allow your child to use digital learning materials at home? (Choose three)
24. Would you allow your child to spend more time on the activity if it was an educational activity or experience? (eg Watching videos, playing online games, using apps)
25. What do you feel are the biggest barriers to increasing the use of educational technology inside the classroom? (Choose top three)
26. How important do you feel it is for teachers to collaborate?
Not at all Important
Extremely Important
27. Any further comments
Your answer
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