Musa Blogger Application
Thank you for having your interest in Musa Blogger search.
We will send review copies of Musa-Makeup,Eyes,Pose,Jewelry,and so on.
We use delivery boxes. Therefore you don't have to prepare group slot for us.
Before applying please read these requirements...

・Your blog needs to be at least 6 months old and active.
・You will need to blog at least once per month.When you're impossible for circumstances, please inform us.
(Currently we are releasing once a month, so we don't strictly require 1post/month. But, as much as possible.)
・You must include the credit and SLURL Link to your blog.
・If you have a Flickr, please post in our group.
・When you aren't active, we may say separation to you.It is sad for each other...please make an effort so that it won't be so.

We're still a small store. We're hoping to be able to grow with you!
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