Hunger Strike for Hungry for Education
On August 13, a group of teachers in Georgia will stop eating or reduce eating to highlight the hunger the Students of Georgia have for better schools.

You can participate for one day, two weeks or any amount of time in between.

Are you over the age of 18 and an educator in the state of Georgia? *
Are you participating in the Hunger Strike for Education (Either full fast or Dawn to Dusk) beginning on August 13th? *
I understand that a hunger strike is dangerous and I may become permanently injured while participating. *
Do you agree Hungry for Education and its founding members have no liability in any injury you sustain during the strike. You should consult a physician before beginning any sort of fast. It is your responsibility to evaluate your own medical and physical condition, and to independently determine whether to perform a fast. By voluntarily undertaking this fast you assume the risk of any resulting injury. *
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