Community Service/Philanthropy Definitions and Categories

There are three categories for service: Community Service (Hands On), Indirect Service (donations) and Philanthropy (fundraising).

    Direct "Hands On" Service

    One (1) hour of community service work per person = 1 volunteer hour per person EXAMPLES: Working in nursing home, staffing crisis center phone hotlines, boys club, girl scout troop leader, highway litter pickup, hospital volunteer, voter registration booths, blood drive assistance (like checking people in or serving juice), tutoring One (1) hour of advocacy work per person = 1 volunteer hour per person EXAMPLES: Staffing an educational booth, literature distribution (like Don't Be a Fool shower cards from ZTA, or passing out brochures in the TMB), presentations made to other student groups to increase social issue awareness on behalf of a non-profit agency (Recruiting Big Brothers and Big Sisters, but NOT selling participation in a fraternity/sorority philanthropy), serving on a board of directors One (1) hour of planning/preparing for an event or project = 0.5 volunteer hour EXAMPLES: making and putting up signs to advertise blood drive, visiting businesses to obtain sponsorship, etc. * MAXIMUM of 10 hours of planning will be awarded

    2. Indirect Service

    DRIVES (Food drives, toy drives, etc.) $5.00 WORTH OF SUPPLIES = 1 volunteer hour (supplies for boys and girls club valentines day party, adopt an angel purchases, toys for tots collections IF accompanied by a copy of the receipt OR a letter of thanks from the recipient) CANNED FOOD DRIVES: 10 cans of food = 1 volunteer hour USED CLOTHING DRIVES: 3 items (jeans, shirt, dress) = 1 volunteer hour TOYS FOR TOTS: 1 toy = 1 volunteer hour (unless submitted with receipt) ONE PINT OF BLOOD DONATED = 2 volunteer hours 4 LETTERS to the ill, elderly, or soldiers overseas = 1 volunteer hour

    Philanthropic Serivce

    $ for $ actual donation to the philanthropy BY THE SPONSORING ORGANIZATION. The sponsoring organization gets credit for the donation (a sorority does not get credit for giving $50 entry fee for participation in War of the Roses because Pi Kappa Phi gets credit for making the donation to PUSH; however, if a fraternity gives $100 to Big Brothers Big Sisters for their bowling tournament, they get full credit for $100)