[DRAFT] Beantown Stomp Registration 2020
Friday March 20 - Sunday March 22, Cambridge MA

Details: https://www.beantownstomp.com
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Dietary Restrictions
Meals are on your own, but we will be providing snacks. Letting us know any dietary restrictions you have makes it more likely that we can have snacks you can eat.
Housing is on your own, but we're hoping to connect people who can host with people who are looking for places to stay. If either of these describes you, let us know and we'll put you in touch with each other.
Housing details (as needed)
If you're looking for housing, or offering housing, is there anything others should know? (Examples: "I am allergic to cats and I'm looking for somewhere with few stairs" or "My house is noisy because we stay up jamming late into the night, we keep the house very hot (85F), and we have two single beds available in one room".)
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Travel details (as needed)
If you're looking for transportation, or offering transportation, where are you coming from? Zip codes are good!
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We're planning on offering childcare, probably Saturday before dinner and all-day Sunday. There will also be a family dance first-thing Saturday or Sunday morning.
Childcare details (as needed)
If you'd like childcare, how many kids do you have? How old are they? Anything else we should take into account when planning childcare? We'll get in touch with you closer to the time for more details, though!
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Some dancers are sensitive to fragrances, so we'd like to keep this a low-fragrance environment. Please don't wear perfume, cologne, body spray, or other products intended to give you a scent. If your shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, or laundry detergent are mildly scented, however, that's ok.
We have some spaces available for people to get in free in exchange for ~8hr work helping make the weekend happen. Some of the work is during the weekend, some is before; we'll reach out to you to figure out what sort of volunteering would make sense. We'll prioritize spots for people who couldn't otherwise afford to attend.
Are you registering for anyone else as well? If so, what are their names?
If you're registering with someone else who would answer all the above questions the same way as you, put their names here. If they would answer some questions differently, however, please complete the form a second time for them.
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We want people to be able to come regardless of means, so we're offering a sliding scale of TBD. If you can't pay at least TBD, we recommend volunteering (above). We're predicting our break-even figure will be about $70/person, and the more you're able to contribute the more we're able to let others attend below cost. We like the YDW payment guide as a way to think about how much to pay: https://youthdanceweekend.org/general-info/register-details/
How much can you pay?
TBD will follow up with you later to collect payment; you'll be able to pay with check or credit card (paypal).
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