Win Free Top Shot Moments 🌟
Want a free pack of NBA Top Shot Moments? Now's your chance! Calling all NBA Top Shot newcomers: We'd like to invite you to join a live break on us! You'll get a chance to receive NBA Top Shot Moments, and will get to participate in an exciting live community experience with other first-time collectors. In order to be eligible for the live break, you must be a new collector (own at least 1 Moment or have bought 1 pack). You will also need to join the NBA Top Shot community in Discord.
What is the email you used to sign up for NBA Top Shot? *
Note: We will send you details 24 hours before the live break event so that you are set up and ready to participate
What is your username on NBA Top Shot? *
This can be found on your profile in the top right corner!
What is your Discord username? Please include the number code after your username. *
Please join the NBA Top Shot Discord ( and send us your username!
We're going to be hosting a few live break events on Monday, November 23rd. Which time works for you? *
If these times don't work for you, please email and we'll get you on the waitlist for an upcoming break.
What timezone are you in?
The live break events happen during the evening in PST. Let us know what time zone works better for you. If there's enough demand we can create a new time slot
Do you currently own at least 1 NBA Top Shot Moment? *
To be eligible for the live break event you will need to own at least 1 Moment. You can purchase some here (
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