Program Survey for the MACC
Thank you for taking this survey about the Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center (ESB-MACC). Your participation in this survey is completely anonymous. Your feedback is appreciated!
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What cultural program(s) at the MACC did you participate in? *
Did you ENJOY this program or activity? *
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Yes I enjoyed it
Did this program/activity increase your KNOWLEDGE of culture, history and art? *
No, it didn't increase my knowledge
Yes, it increased my knowledge
Is there anything you would CHANGE or ADD to the program/activity?
What kind of cultural arts and/or programming would you like to see in the future, either in person or online?
How did you hear about the event? *
Are there any obstacles or challenges that prevent you from attending the MACC's programs? *
What is your zip code?
What is your age?
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What is your Gender?
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What is your racial/ ethnic identity?
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Afro Latino
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White/ Non-Latino
Pacific Islander/ Native Hawaiian
American Indian / Native American / Indigenous
Middle Eastern/ Arab or North African
Prefer Not to Say
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If you identified yourself as Latino/Latina/Latinx or Afro Latino, what country do you identify yourself with?
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