I'd like to present at C++ London
So you'd like to give a talk, or perhaps lead some other type of session, at a future C++ London meet-up?
Great - thanks! We're a product of the community, so we need people from all backgrounds to take their turn at the front.

Traditional talks - of all sorts of lengths - are always welcome, but we're also interested in different format and activities (discussions, games, workshops etc).

If you don't have all the details asked for, below, yet - don't let that stop you. I've made most of the fields optional - but will need most of it eventually. You can come back and update/ finish later, but the sooner we get your name and (ideally) a title in the better (make sure you keep the email you'll get when you submit - it has an update link).

All data entered here will be stored in Google Forms purely for the purpose of selecting updating talks. You can come back and edit or delete it at any time.

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At some point I'll also need a profile pic from you. There's not a built-in way to do that here that works for everyone, so we'll probably coordinate that by email.
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