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I'm passionate about learning new skills, attending events to connect with like-minded folks and meeting new people.

There are so many places to find out about upcoming events (Meetup.com, Eventbrite etc), but I don't have a visual way to save my personalized hit list of conferences and events i.e. the date, speakers, agenda, deadlines for early bird tickets.

I'd like to learn about how you discover upcoming events and plan your event / marketing and community strategy.


Chloe Nicholls

Any questions? You can reach me on Twitter @ThatGirl_Chloe (https://twitter.com/thatgirl_chloe)

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It's all about networking and meeting new people
I want to learn a new skill
I want to hear from inspiring speakers
I'm looking for new business and partnership opportunities
I'm there for the free booze and buffet, if it's going!
How do you plan which events and conferences you would like to attend? *
i.e. Do you bookmark events or add them to spreadsheet or do you plan on-the-go i.e. ad-hoc?
How often do you attend business / networking events?
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Are you in charge of the overall events strategy for your company or team? *
 i.e. which events to attend /speak / sponsor etc
If you answered yes to the question above, can you tell me about your event strategy process?
i.e. How do you select which events to attend / speak / sponsor? How do you share upcoming events with your team? Do you have a budget?
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