San José Math Circle is now accepting applications for the 2022-2023 academic year.
The deadline for submitting the application is 9:00pm Sunday September 10, 2022.
Please fill out a separate application for each student. 

New students are required to write an essay to be considered for admission. Students who were part of the 2021-2022 Circle and had good attendance do not need to write the essay, but do need to fill in the rest of the application.

Where:    Santa Clara University
When:     Tuesdays (October-May) 7pm-9pm
Who:       Middle School (7th -8th) and High School students (9th -10th)

We plan to make decisions about admission by late September and e-mail notifications will be sent to everyone who applies. Due to limited space, only students who have been invited to participate will be allowed to attend the first meeting.

💥HEADS UP: This application includes essay answers from BOTH the student and the parent of NEW applicants. Please review and compose your answers in a second document. When you are ready, come back here and copy/paste your answers.

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If you are a returning student, what year(s) were you at SJMC?  If not applicable write "N/A" *
Parent's First Name *
Parent's Last Name *
Parent's E-mail address.  Additionally, please subscribe for announcements directly on our website.         *
Home address *
Phone number *
How to contact the parent in case of any emergency
Student's First Name *
Student's Last Name *
Student's E-mail address (optional, for session announcements). Additionally, please subscribe for announcements directly on our website to receive the weekly class-related email announcements.                             
Student's grade level for Fall 2022 (This is not asking your math level). If you are homeschooled select the grade you would be in based on age. *
Select the student's grade.
Math Level for Fall 2022 *
Include name of curriculum and level (i.e. Geometry, Pre-calc, Calculus...)
Student's age on October 1, 2022 *
Type of School *
Name of School *
I agree with the San Jose Math Circle policy of attendance. We expect our students to regularly attend our weekly meetings and BAMA (Bay Area Mathematical Adventures) events. We take attendance at our meetings. Missing more than 3 meetings per semester without an explanation is considered poor attendance. Students with poor attendance may not be admitted in subsequent years. *
I have read and agree with the San Jose Math Circle policy against bullying and of classroom behavior (linked here).  *
I (the parent/legal guardian) give permission to SJMC to take photographs or videos of activities related to SJMC to be used solely in support and promotion of SJMC and its educational mission. They will be the sole property of SJMC and there will be no remuneration.  Please type your name below in agreement *
Are you a new student? *


For the Student

(written by the student without help from parents or friends)

Please write a few paragraphs to let us know more about you. Please be sure to put your name on the first line of the essay.

Include the following elements:

1.            What you like about math.

2.            A particular math problem you found interesting or an experience using math that you enjoyed.

3.            Your understanding of what a Math Circle is.

4.            What kind of experiences you expect from participating in our math circle.

An essay that includes all these elements should fit in one to three pages (total). 

NOTE about element #2: If you describe a particular math problem, it should be one that you know how to solve. Examples from math contest websites, or books on math puzzles or math contests are good sources for problems. You don’t need to go into great detail, but explain the problem clearly and why you found it interesting. If you describe an experience where you used math, please be specific about what mathematical ideas or principles were important and what you enjoyed about the experience.

For the Parent

We ask that you also answer the following two questions in your own words to demonstrate your understanding of the program we offer. Please be sure to put your (the parent's) name on the first line of the essay.

1.   Your understanding of what a Math Circle is.

2.  What kind of experiences you expect from your child participating in our math circle.

You can find information about math circles using a web search, or by reading this Link to The FAQ on our website also has some info. 

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