Artistic perfumery survey - customers
Good morning,

In an effort to conduct ongoing research into the artistic perfumery world, we kindly ask you to participate in this short survey which will allow us to investigate the effects of the ongoing pandemic on consumption habits and purchasing behaviors of perfumery enthusiasts.

The survey takes less than 10 minutes and your answers will be completely anonymous.

Thank you very much for your contribution!

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Why do you wear niche perfumes? (You have to answer this question only if you wear niche perfumes)
Overall, how many perfumes (both niche and commercial) do you buy per year?
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Considering the perfumes you buy per year, how many of these are niche perfumes?
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Your spending on niche perfumes over the past year and considering the effects of the pandemic...
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Have you continued to wear fragrance during lockdown periods even when it was necessary to stay indoors?
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Do you remember the names of the perfumes you bought in the last year? Can you list at least 3 names?
In your opinion, which fragrances started as niche brands but can no longer be considered as such?
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