Registration- Pavnar Sahyatri
When : 11 - 17 November 2019
Where - From Ahmedabad to Wardha

To celebrate the spirit of Vishwa Priti (Maitri in the world) on the occasion of 125th Birth anniversary of Vinoba Bhave, we will be making a pilgrimage to Pavnar. 60 self chosen volunteers who have been engaged with our local ecosystem are invited to come together as Sahyatris in this Journey from Ahmedabad to Wardha. We will be travelling by bus with walking pilgrimages in between. Pls check the schedule and more information at

If it resonates your heart, we invite you to please fill the form for logistics and confirmation.

Cost: All our gatherings and Journeys are offered in spirit of gift from previous volunteers. We invite you to contribute whatever you can to keep the circle of sharing moving.
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