Website Questionnaire
This form helps me get a clearer picture of what you are looking for. Please fill in as much or as little as you would like.
Your name:
Your Town:
Chamber or City Address:
Email address to follow up with:
Main Contact Phone:
What is the best way to reach you?
If you answered texting, what is your cell phone number?
What is your current or desired web address:
If you currently have a website, do you know who hosts it? (GoDaddy, SiteGround, Etc.)
If you already have a website, what do you like about it?
If you already have a website, what do you NOT like about it?
What do you want the site to accomplish?
What is one thing you want someone to do the first time they visit your website?
When someone visits your website, what is the #1 thing you want them to learn about your town or website.
Why do people visit your website? What are they looking for most often?
Do you have a logo? (I will need the logo provided in high resolution, preferably a .png, .pdf or .eps file.)
Do you have a tagline you would like used?
Are their certain colors you want used on the website? Please list colors and/or PMS color codes if you have any:
Are their certain colors you DO NOT want used on the website?
Do you have a style guide or any existing collateral you would like to keep the same look and feel of?
Clear selection
Are there other website that you like the look and feel or function of? Please list them here, with what you like or don't like about them:
Do you have images/pictures you would like on the website? (I can provide a google drive file or file to upload images to if that is easiest)
Who will be writing your page content?
Will you need help tweaking/editing your text?
Clear selection
Is there anyone other than you, I will be working with on this project?
What pages/features would you like included on your site?
How do you want your website to feel?
Do you want to be able to take payments on your website?
For example do you want people to be able to register for events, and pay for them on your site?
Clear selection
If yes, how do you currently accept credit card payments?
Do you have a PayPal Account for the city you would like linked to the website in order to accept payments?
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Are you familiar with Google Drive? (Google Docs & Folders)
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Do you need email address to go with your domain?
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Is there anything else I should know about your website needs?
Were you referred by someone, if so who, so I can make sure to thank them?
Thank you for filling this out, I will be in touch soon to discuss the details with you!
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