CSU Spring 21 Application Assistance Lab
These sessions are designed as an opportunity to address any last minute questions, prior to submission of the application. Prior to signing up for CSU App assistance, students are REQUIRED to have:

- Created/started CSU application account

- Know about their transfer eligibility for upcoming application period by having met with OCC Counselor (This CSU app lab does not allow for us to check for individual transfer eligibility and ADT status. Students need to visit and meet with a counselor in an appointment to verify their eligibility.)

- Identify which general education pattern following: Option 2 (CSU GE) or Option 3 (IGETC-CSU)

- Identify CSU transfer status: Regular Upper Division Transfer or ADT (AA-T or AS-T) applicant (If not sure, please visit ADT website for more information or meet with OCC Counselor prior to lab.)
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