MedTransit Tutor Registration 2019
Thank you applying to become a Medtransit tutor in 2019! Please read this briefing carefully before applying. Only one tutor per group is required to fill out this form. If you sign up as an individual we will place you in a group.

This is a fantastic program designed to help first years transition to med school and university in general. Below is just an overview of what is expected of you as tutors. We will also distribute this in document form so that you can refer to throughout the program to ensure your group gets the most out of these sessions.

Responsibilities as a tutor:
• Approximately weekly meetings with your group are expected for at least first term, after that you can continue if you wish

• Focus initially on transition, resources and study techniques rather than a P2P style academic tutorial

• Remember this is as much a social program as an academic one, have fun, keep it casual

• Follow-up problems that were unresolved in a session, sometimes producing written answers or extra resources for your students is appropriate and encouraged!

• Arrange with your students a regular time to meet

• Reassess regularly how MedTransit is going and be sensitive to the needs of the students, i.e. how they are getting home if it's late, if you run overtime etc.

• Be inclusive and respectful of your all of the students in your group

• Be enthusiastic, and make it fun!

Deadline: Friday 8th of March at midnight

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