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Thank you for submitting your music to Star Radio Nashville for consideration. We are integrating a new music rotation and criteria for song submissions. Starting Feb 1, all songs that are not professional production or of a certain quality, they will fall into songwriter category and will not be eligible for Top 40 Consideration or requests. However, your song will go into our songwriter serenade shows so during specific time periods where your songs can be heard and showcased. Anyone looking for a song to record would be able to hear them during the show hours. We have made this decision in an effort to keep the sound and recording quality as good as possible for our listeners. PLEASE NOTE any existing songs that are currently in the Top 40 and fall into this category, they will be moved to the songwriter playlists. Thank you for understanding. Click here to view where songwriters songs will be featured - (They will also be featured in Songwriter Serenade Playlists at specified time slots.

KINDLY NOTE: YOU WILL NEVER BE ASKED FOR MONEY TO SUBMIT YOUR MUSIC or for your music to be played. We do not do favors or take any kind of money to manipulate your spot in our Top 40 Charts. The charts are based on weekly listener votes & requests only. Thank you for understanding...
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LEGAL NOTICE: When you submit your music to Star Radio Nashville, you automatically consent to the station playing your music royalty free and accept those legal terms and conditions. If at anytime you wish to take your music out of rotation, please visit our website and click the tab Remove My Music and follow the instructions. ONCE YOU AGREE SEE FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS TO SUBMIT MP3 AND 250X250 IMAGE - Songs must have meta tags and images must be named either artist or band name otherwise they will sit in pending until we can identify who is who *
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