Fenway & Hattie Online Trivia
Answer the following questions from Chapters 8, 9 and 10 by clicking on the answer choice. Use your book, if necessary, to help you find the correct answers. Upon successful completion, your name will automatically be entered for the prize drawing. Good luck!
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Chapter 8
What is the perfectly still dog? *
Where does Fenway think they are going on their walk? *
What is in the package that Hattie gets? *
Chapter 9
Hattie and Angel are trying to play ball. What is Fenway trying to play? *
Chapter 10
Who came to eat dinner with Hattie's family? *
What does Fenway mean, "my heart sinks"? *
What is the truck that plays “tinky-tinky” music? *
Who says, “Bad dog! Bad dog!”? *
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