The Rob Avery ATPL Ground School returns to Sydney Flight College in 2020 - Enrolments now open
For the past 2 years we have delivered our ATPL ground theory course in a unique collaboration between Rob Avery and SFC Australia. Most of these courses have proven to sell out very quickly, and the feedback has been increasingly positive. Our relationship with Rob has been proven and strengthened thanks to such great results, and as such we are proud to announce our two course offerings for 2020.

Rob Avery is the most prolific author and publisher of pilot theory manuals, courses and practice exams in the Australasian region. His products dominate the pilot training industry and there are dozens of products in the current range from full courses, study reference books, to practice exams. Rob has 25 years of experience delivering ATPL ground theory courses, and his pass rates are among the highest in the industry.

Enrolments are now open for our 2020 courses, and places are capped per course. Rob and his team are planning to deliver ground classes for the four most challenging ATPL subjects (Aerodynamics & Systems, Flight Planning, Navigation and Performance & Loading) in our state-of-the-art Sydney Flight College headquarters at Bankstown Aerodrome. The dates are now confirmed as below:

Course 1 (S1 2020)

ANAV Navigation: Monday 13/04 – Saturday 18/04 (6 days)
APLA Performance & Loading: Tuesday 28/04 – Saturday 2/05 (5 days)
AASA Aerodynamics & Aircraft Systems: Monday 18/05 – Friday 29/05 (4 days on/1 off routine - 10 days total)
AFPA Flight Planning: Sunday 14/06 – Saturday 27/06 (4 days on/1 off routine - 12 days total)

Course 2 (S2 2020)

ANAV Navigation: Saturday 15/08 – Thursday 20/08 (6 days)
AASA Aerodynamics & Aircraft Systems: Monday 7/09 – Friday 18/09 (4 days on/1 off routine - 10 days total)
APLA Performance & Loading: Sunday 4/10 – Thursday 08/10 (5 days)
AFPA Flight Planning: Monday 19/10 – Sunday 01/11 (4 days on/1 off routine - 12 days total)

Course prices:

AFPA $1,699; ANAV $947; APLA $795; AASA $1,299; four subject discounted price: $4,699.

The world is in the grip of a severe pilot shortage, and your ATPLs may be standing in the way of your first right-hand seat. So if you have recently completed your CPL and are looking for that next step, this could be your opportunity. To reserve your place, or be kept informed of future updates to this course, please register your details below:
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