Feedback: Hike recommender v.1 testing group
Testing window June 9-14. Use the instructions in your email and give feedback using the form below. Feel free to share feedback after running through all of your scenarios, or as you go.
What device(s) and browser(s) did you test on?
What's your name (if we have specific questions about something you mention in your feedback)?
This section is about how it felt to interact with the new feature in the My Hikes section of your Backpack
How was the overall experiences of using My Hikes with the recommender in place?
Mixed bag
Didn't test
Did any language or interactions trip you up?
Was there something that you expected or wished you could do that you couldn’t?
Anything else you want to share about the overall experience?
This section is about the actual hikes that were offered to you.
How did most of the hike suggestions that were offered as you tested strike you? (check all that apply)
If any suggestions felt off, what was it about them that felt off base?
Anything else you want to say about the hike suggestions offered as you ran through your tests?
Any other feedback you want to be sure to share?
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