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Thank you for considering presenting your work at Sabermetrics, Scouting, and the Science of Baseball 2020. Because of your efforts, we have grown to be a national meeting known for showcasing new, original baseball analysis.

Saberseminar’s abstract presenters have included high school students, undergraduates, doctoral candidates, and independent baseball researchers. We are a group that especially prides itself on expanding opportunities and horizons for young men and women eager to break into baseball analysis. If you think you belong in a front office doing baseball work someday, you belong on our stage telling our audience about your work.

So, don’t be dissuaded if you’re not already famous for baseball research. If you have new, interesting things to tell us and a passion for baseball analysis, we’d love to hear you tell us about them at Saberseminar.

Saberseminar is generally a forum for new baseball analysis and research. We accept presentations about novel statistical analyses, biomedical advances, player development strategies, in-game strategy, and more.

Saberseminar is attended by a wide audience, including the baseball research community, industry/team staff, media members, and many general baseball fans. Because of that broad group, presentations at Saberseminar should engage the broadest possible set of that community.

Please plan on describing your proposed presentation succinctly. No more than one page of text or one figure/table should accompany your abstract. You can send additional supporting material to Please clearly include in the subject line that you are submitting material for an abstract presentation.

Please note that while we do our very best to work with you to schedule your presentation, we are often at the mercy of other situational forces, such as gameday start times and other important events for our gracious on-field and media speakers. So, if you plan on submitting an abstract, please plan to stay the length of the meeting and be available to speak at any time during the weekend.

If we receive a large volume of submissions, we may not be able to accept your presentation, but we will do our best effort to accommodate most presentations.

All talks accepted as a STUDENT presentation (either a 5-10m talk or poster) with a valid university or highschool affiliation will be granted free admission to the conference.

Please submit your Abstract by MAY 15, 2020. Late submissions may not be evaluated.
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