Application Form for Transnational co-creation panel of young advisors

👋  We are so happy that you are here so we want to thank you for your interest and engagement already!

Within the DyMoN project we are creating a transnational co-creation panel of young advisors from project partners’ and other countries to amplify the voices of younger generations in the development of traffic in Europe’s cities. This is the application form to join this panel.

➡️    What’s the purpose?

We want to create a space where young citizens can be involved in the shaping of the future of traffic in Europe. This means that you brainstorm ideas together in our Think Tanks and give feedback to the project group during the group meetings.

➡️    What’s your time commitment?

The project is scheduled until 2024 but we ask for your commitment only for 6 months at a time because we know how fast life can change. You’d be expected to join the majority of the upcoming three think tanks before April 2022 and a Consortium Meeting which happens twice a year.

➡️    What will you get out of it?

This is an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded citizens both in this panel but also in the big international project group. You will gain experience from being part of a large research project, and have a chance to grow outside of your work or study environment. And, most importantly, you have an opportunity to contribute to the future of traffic in the EU.

Let's get started! 🥳

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