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Please fill out the information below to request for a peer tutor to contact you for additional academic support.

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Memorandum of Understanding
ANHS tutors will volunteer up to 6 30-hour-long sessions with each tutee. Additional sessions will be coordinated between the tutor and tutee
All tutoring sessions will be during student choice tutorials on Thursdays (room 204) & Fridays(room 308)
Tutors will be provided with the tutee’s contact information and is responsible for reaching out to the tutee on School Loop
The tutee and his/her parents will be alerted by the counselor when a tutor is assigned to him/her.
Tutor requests may take up to 10 school days before an available tutor is assigned.
No tutoring is available from May to June.
If the tutee does not show up to a tutoring session without notifying the tutor, the tutor is not obligated to continue the tutoring services.
School Loop will be the only form of communication notifying the tutor and tutee of tutoring sessions.

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