TechTrix-2018 Hackathon Registration Form
Event Timing: June 8th-9th, 2018
Event Address: New Summit College, Shantinagar, Kathmandu.
Contact us at 984-3407094 or 9847092226
Partner Colleges : Free | Other Colleges : Rs. 2000 per Team
Terms and Condition

Guidelines for Hackathon – “Social Hack for Better World”

Participants will have to abide by the TechTrix rules and policies in the Hackathon. The Hackathon will be conducted under continuous guidance and mentorship. Participants will be offered any kind of technical or general help during the program. Our volunteers will be available to you all the time in case of any necessities. The failure to follow any of the following guidelines might result in withdrawal or rejection of idea and/or participation.

1. Each participating team should have 1-4 members mandatorily.
2. The event will be a day-night hacking session, which aligns with the general global tradition of “Hackathon”. Teams will be managed with good accommodation and food facilities for the night.
3. The idea for the Hackathon should relate with only one of the specified domains: Accessibility, Education, Agriculture, Smart City and Game and Edutainment.
4. Participants should be present with their own devices (laptops, chargers and other peripherals). These won’t be provided at the venue.
5. Internet with good bandwidth will be continuously provided all day and night without obstruction.
6. Teams shall not be permitted to leave the event premises for the night. Therefore, participants are requested to come prepared with anything you might need during the hackathon.

We wish all the teams best of luck and thank you for carefully following the guidelines.

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