50 Years of Unity Campaign
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This campaign is created to mark 50 years since the Six Day War, the liberation and reunification of Jerusalem.
Despite nearly 70 years have passed since the establishment of the State of Israel, some still question the right of the Jewish people to self defense and its aspiration to sovereignty in their homeland. Given developments such as the latest UN resolution and other events that even doubt the historic connection between the Jewish people and Jerusalem, this campaign is more relevant than ever.

In signing up for this campaign you are committing to holding 6 days worth of activities on your campus. SSI National team will speak with you prior to the campaign to determine the specific needs on your campus, the materials you will need, help plan the schedule and more.

A schedule of activities may look like a variation of the following:
Sunday: Social media campaign: post or schedule 6 photos/articles related to the topic.
Monday: Tabling on campus with flyers and the agenda for the rest of the week's events.
Tuesday: Western Wall Display on campus.
Wednesday: Film screening.
Thursday: Speaker on campus or PP and dinner.
Friday: chalk on campus.

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Each campus will get a box with materials for the campaign that may include: chalk, virtual glasses, informational displays, western wall display, red bracelets, info cards and more depending on your needs as will be determined in the pre-campaign phone call.
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