As part of the first New York Architecture Book Fair, Storefront accepts nominations of books as part of the ongoing Global Survey of Architecture Books. The survey works to unveil volumes from many cultural contexts that contribute to a better understanding of local and global modes of knowledge production in architecture.

This survey is part of the first edition of the New York Architecture Book Fair at Storefront’s gallery space and across a network of bookstores and personal libraries in the city. The project brings together books, authors, designers, publishers, critics, and readers to consider an expanded set of fundamental publications in architecture and design in a global context.

We thank you for participating in the project by nominating up to 5 books that you consider should be considered to be amongst the most significant architecture contributions to knowledge production over the last 35 years.

The New York Architecture Book Fair aims to expand the collective imaginary of architecture books. We encourage you to consider books that might not have been translated into English, or that have not been at the center of Western discourses, thus allowing us to develop and push forward a more complex understanding of contemporary architecture, thought, and practice.

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