Sendero PGXC Spring Open Signup
Hi, Thanks for joining!
To be formally entered into my fun little XC comp you fill out this form and then pay once I email you that info at the beginning of April. The required questions are starred, and you can fill out the others too if they apply to you.

On April 1st I'll send you an email explaining how to pay your Ante-in into the pot of winnings. You gotta fill this form out Prior to the End of March, to get my email with the needed payment information. You can also send me questions at

Once you're done, go get the Groupme app. I will be sending you an email with the invite to the Sendero Groupme forum, where announcements will be made. And you can go to that group online then get it on your phone.
Email me with questions.

I'm psyched to meet everybody, and promise not to withhold your winnings even if you beat me, especially if you bring good vibes.

Let's Send!


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What is your team name?
What Category of wing are you going to fly *
What is your hometown or town you hope to have the closing weekend near? *
Write a 3 sentence Bio. I will try to create a participants blog. This will also be used to post about winners, etc...
Bio Pic if you want, needs to be 10mb or less (image or pdf) according to this google form.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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