Confirmation 2 Worship Notes
Please use this form to submit all Worship Notes for Confirmation 2 on the same day as the service or as make up! Thank you for staying engaged with worship.

As a reminder Confirmation 2 youth must attend 24 worship services (which amounts to less than 3 times a month), and at least 16 of those must be at First UCC. 9am (new time for in person worship), 10am online, and special worship services all count towards this requirement.

If you made it this are doing great!!
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Pick a theme word from the Sermon and write an acrostic poem. Like use the word: Samuel. *
What or whom are you thankful for today? *
Epiphany and soon Lent opportunities are on here! If you haven't yet...Sign up to be a liturgist or an usher: *
What brings you joy? (from our video last week!) And think about this question in terms of vocation or what you might do. *
What are you good at? *
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