Application for Special Wants Holiday Wish List *Lottery* Selection

*Please enter an email address that you have access to receive messages
*If you are selected for one of the lottery slots, we will send a message to this email address with instructions about how to sign up.
*You will only be able to sign up using the email address you provide, so please ensure the address is correct!

*You will be notified by September 30 if you were selected.
*You will be required to sign up your wishes between October 1-15.

You can enter your wishes at your leisure between Oct. 1-15. If you recall, in prior years it was a mad rush to type in your wishes before all the slots were filled; we are trying to improve the process and make it less stressful to ensure everyone can sign up their wishes correctly and thoroughly without rushing.
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Please enter an email address above where you can receive messages. You will receive notification that you were selected by email; and you will sign up for wishes using this email address; and receive all messages related to wishes that were purchased. It is important you have access to this email box and know your password etc.
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How many loved ones would you be signing up? Please provide following for each person you would be signing up:
a) their first name
b) their age (no age limit for special needs loved ones, siblings must be 17 yrs or younger)
c) special needs loved one - or sibling.

Example answer should look like this:

1) Kate, Age 4, Special needs
2) Sam, Age 15, Sibling
Enter loved one information here:
Have you participated in the Special Wants holiday wish list before?
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