Hello. We are running this survey to find out what young people across the UK think about the climate and nature emergencies.

- What do you know about the climate and nature emergencies?
- How do you feel about them?
- What are your hopes and expectations?
- Are we doing enough to take action?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help us build a picture of what young people like you are thinking and want to happen in the future.

All responses are anonymous. In terms of GDPR, no personal data is collected and you cannot be identified if you choose to take part in this poll.

Postcode data will only be used to enable the creation of a map. Use your school, college or university postcode.

Results will be published here, and all data made freely available. Our analysis of data collected will be communicated widely to help make sure that YOUR voice is heard not only by us, but by society and government more widely.
How old are you? We are interested in whether this affects your views. *
What do you understand by the term 'climate emergency'? *
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Add up to five words you think of when you think about the climate emergency.
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What do you understand by the term 'nature emergency'? *
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Add up to five words you think of when you think about the nature emergency.
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How hopeful are you that people in the UK can help find a solution to these emergencies? *
Very hopeful
Not sure
Not very hopeful
Not hopeful at all
Do you believe the world's people will take action to avoid the worst effects of the climate emergency in time? *
Yes definitely
No, it's unlikely
Do you believe we can stop the loss of species on Earth? *
Do you think people are doing enough at the moment? *
Very much so
Not sure
Not really
Definitely not
Are you doing enough?
Is your school, college or university doing enough?
Is your local community doing enough?
Are business doing enough?
Is the UK Government doing enough?
Are Governments around the world doing enough?
Who do you think has the BIGGEST responsibility for tackling the climate and nature emergencies? *
Tick any of these actions you / your family might do to help do something about the climate and nature emergencies. *
What is the ONE big thing you think the new Prime Minister should do to respond to the climate and nature emergencies? *
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Finally, where in the UK are you studying? (See separate question below) This information will be used to produce a map of responses to questions - it does not identify you personally.
Please enter a postcode. Use your school, college or university postcode if you prefer. *
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Who are we?
We are Geographers For Life. We love and want to protect our planet, the people and wildlife on it. Whether you are a student, teacher, or an interested member of the public, our aim is to inspire, support and mobilise as many people as possible to take action to create a more beautiful and positive future.

Help us to spread this flash poll of questions to as many young people as possible. The more responses we get, the more powerful the output will be. Use the hashtag #youthclimatepoll when sharing online.

We are teachers and academics working in geography education at all levels from Primary to Higher Education:
Paul Chatterton (@PaulChatterton9 ) - Professor of Urban Futures at the University of Leeds
Caroline Clason (@Caroline_Clason) - Lecturer in Physical Geography at the University of Plymouth
Daniel Raven-Ellison (@DanRavenEllison) - Explorer
Paula Owens (@Primageographer) - Teacher, mentor @LESSCO2Schools, visiting research fellow Canterbury Christ Church Uni.
Alan Parkinson (@GeoBlogs) - JVP of the Geographical Association, King's Ely School
Ben King (@benking01) - Churston Ferrers Grammar School, Torbay, Devon
Iain Stewart (@Profiainstewart) - Professor of Geoscience Communication at the University of Plymouth

Follow us on our new Twitter account @Geo4Life. If you'd like more information on this poll, please contact us there, or via our personal Twitter accounts.

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Remember, no personal information like your name or email address needs to be entered, and none will be stored.
Thank you for making your voice heard and for helping us with our #youthclimatepoll
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