Clara Lou Gould Fund for the Arts
All applications must be submitted no later than NOVEMBER 15, 2020. Full award criteria is below.

Award Criteria:

Projects to be supported include projects or programs not generally supported by other area arts organizations, including individual artists' projects, unique exhibition, performance or public art projects, arts education programs, and community projects that promote area artists and arts activities and that draw attention to the valuable role of arts and culture in our community. Applicants themselves may be located outside of Beacon, but must provide programming or art in Beacon or support activities that benefit Beacon's arts and cultural community.

The 2020 Clara Lou Gould Fund for the Arts grant award(s) fund projects taking place between December 1, 2020-November 30, 2021.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Applicants must be a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization or be fiscally sponsored by one. For information about fiscal sponsorship through BeaconArts, contact the office via

If you have questions about the application form or uploading your work samples and supporting financial documents, please contact Christina Jensen at
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Name of Project/Program: *
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Name of non-profit organization or, if applicable, name of fiscal sponsor: *
Description of Project/Program (max. 500 words): *
Project Timeline (please describe the schedule of development for your project and any associated events): *
Audience to be Reached (please describe the community or segment of the public who will be reached through your project): *
Biographical Material about Organization and/or Artist: *
Total Amount Requested: *
Note: Awards will be considered up to $1,000, and the Fund Committee reserves the right to grant multiple awards of smaller amounts.
Supporting Financial Documents & Work Samples:
NOTE: Please include file names relevant to your project when uploading these documents, and include the Applicant Name when prompted by DROPBOX for first and last name.

Please upload these two documents via DROPBOX at 1) your IRS Determination Letter of Non-Profit Status, or the same from your Fiscal Sponsor, and 2) a budget for your project.
Three Work Samples & Work Sample Description *
Please upload three samples to assist the Fund Committee in understanding your past work using the Dropbox link below, and describe these work samples and how they relate to your project in the field below. If you would like to provide links/URLs, please upload as a Word file, or similar format. Upload your work samples via DROPBOX:
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