NGS HLA Component - Survey
17th IHIWS NGS HLA Component Survey.
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Enter your 6 digit labcode
To find your labcode, login the IHIWS website at then click user Info tab or go to the home page after you login. Contact if you need help
Enter the Name of the PI for your laboratory
Enter the name of the Lab as entered during registration
Can your lab perform high resolution HLA typing by NGS
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How are you interested participating in this component by
If your lab is performing testing on samples contributed by other labs, please list the name of the labs you are partnering with.
Enter N/A when not applicable
Please select the projects you are interested in participating
If your lab can perform testing on samples contributed by other labs, indicate how many can you test
Can your lab perform full length NGS typing for the following loci (check all that apply)
If your lab cannot perform HLA NGS typing for any or some of the loci listed above, list the lab(s) you will partner with to perform the typing.
Enter N/A when not applicable
How many Refence Cell Panels (24 DNA each) will your lab test (you must select 1 PT and as many as 4 unknown panels) *
note: Proficiency Testing is not required if your lab successfully participated in the pilot project
Proficiency Testing Panel (PT)
Unknown panel (U)
Please indicate platform/instrument to be used
If other platform/instrument, please describe
Please indicate analysis to be used
If other analysis, please describe
Mixing of amplicons
If other way of labeling, please explain
Are you interested in performing analyses of "raw" data
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If performing analysis of "raw" data
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What "raw" data formats will be generated by your platform/instrument (e.g. FASTQ)
What "raw" data does your analysis require as input
What results (raw reads, consensus, HLA genotypes) will your analysis provide
Will you permit your "raw" data to be analyzed by other workshop participants?
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If your lab is contributing samples or data tha contains PHI (Protected Health Information), do you have an IRB or human subject’s approval to perform the studies in this workshop.
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If the IRB approval is pending, please specify by when
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