RM6219 Learning & Training Services for the Public Sector (Supplier)
Crown Commercial Service (CCS) (as the Authority) wishes to establish a pan government commercial agreement for the provision of Learning and Training Services to be utilised by all UK Public Sector Bodies, including Local Authorities, Health, Police, Fire and Rescue, Education, Devolved Administrations, Not for Profit and Central Government Departments.

The aim is to provide access to a range of high quality blended learning and training services designed to meet the needs of UK Public Sector Bodies that will cover (although will not be limited to):

* An end to end managed learning service
* A catalogue of publicly available courses
* Sourcing and delivery of bespoke specialist training or professional qualifications
* Training and development advisory service

The lotting structure of this framework will be determined as a result of the market engagement but is proposed will enable both regional and national coverage.

Thank you for your interest in helping develop the scope of our future commercial agreement, please can you complete the survey below. This is not designed in exclude any potential suppliers and will only be used to help understand interest in the market.

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