Standout PLTW Teacher of the Year
2019 Massachusetts Awards
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The Standout Teacher award recognizes a Massachusetts Project Lead The Way teacher who stands out as a highly effective teacher in the MA PLTW community who is making a real impact for her/his students. Not only are they excellent at teaching, they actively contribute to the MA PLTW Community, and they are also a teacher leader at their own school.
Nominations are due before June 14th, 2019
- Winners will be announced at the 2019 PLTW MA State Conference at WPI on October 21, 2019.

- Note: Self-nominations are accepted.

Please provide the following information about the nominee for the Standout PLTW Teacher.
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Describe in detail how the Nominee contributes to the Massachusetts PLTW Community. (eg. through PLTW Community Website, participating in peer-learning-communities and/or on-going professional development, attending the annual PLTW conference) *
Describe in detail how the Nominee demonstrates their passion and effectiveness with peers and students. *
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