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Please fill in this form with as much detail as you can in order for us to find out how we can best support your young person.
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(Our 12-session mentoring programme is chargeable at £90. This is a subsidised rate thanks to our generous funders.)
When we launch new services and opportunities for girls, we'd like to be able to let you know. Are you happy for us to contact you in the future? (We won't inundate you by any means!) Please indicate if you are happy for us to contact you via (tick all that apply): *
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For your information, following receipt of your referral, we will:

- carry out a risk assessment within one month
- give a response and if appropriate match the young person with a mentor, giving a guide as to when mentoring can begin

Factors that may influence Flourish's ability to provide mentoring include mentor capacity and level of need. We may suggest alternative support where appropriate.

Please note that Flourish support begins at the first mentoring session, and we will be committed to supporting girls in the most appropriate ways from this point. Whilst girls are waiting to be matched with a mentor, or whilst arrangements are being made for the sessions to start, we regret that we cannot take responsibility or accept liability for their well-being. If circumstances change or different support is required, please remain vigilant as a parent, carer, GP, school staff member or other referrer whilst the matching process takes place or the young person is on a wait list.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss the request further, please contact us at hello@youcanflourish.co.uk or call 07732 825721.
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