2019 PNWS-AWWA Leadership Symposium - Abstract Submittal Form
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Before You Begin
This abstract submittal form is for the 2019 PNWS-AWWA Leadership Symposium, to be held September 26-27, 2019 at the Yakima Convention Center. Committees will use the information collected on this form to develop the three tracks in Leadership that are part of the symposium. The three tracks are

• Intro to Management - Becoming a Lead or Supervisor
• Moving into Mid-Level Management
• Executive Leadership - General Managers and Officials

State agencies also use the information to assess content and speaker credentials when assigning Continuing Education Units (CEUs). We will contact authors selected for the program in April of 2019. At that time, we will ask authors to submit a Speaker Release Form.

Below is a list of the information you will need to complete an abstract. Once you gather this information, it should take you less than 15 minutes to fill out the four pages.

A copy of the form with your responses will be e-mailed from Google Forms to the e-mail address above; please check your spam filter if you do not find it in your in-box.

Lead Author Information
Name, job title, employer or organization, e-mail address (if different than the one entered at the start of the form), primary phone number, and street address. We will use the author's e-mail address for program communications. The phone number should be the author's cell phone, so that we may contact you while you are at the conference.
Presentation Information
Presentation title; the targeted leadership audience; a 3-4 sentence abstract; a 3-4 sentence description of how the presentation is related to the leadership or management of water systems and for certified operators, how they will use this information to improve decision making for water supply, water quality, or to protect public health; length of presentation, and whether you were asked by a committee or a person to submit this abstract.

Please consider whether your topic could meet the water or wastewater CEU relevancy requirements, and if so, tell us how so we can make the most of the conference training opportunities for certified operators who require continuing education credits. To qualify for CEUs, the subject matter must be targeted to certified operators who will use it to make decisions that improve water quality, water supply or public health protection, AND it has to be directly relevant to operating and maintaining water systems, or managing those O&M activities. Learning that focuses on information sharing rather than an organized continuing education experience will not qualify for CEUs in Washington.

If your presentation is targeted to a different audience, such as public officials, simply make that note that in the CEU relevancy slot, and continue on with the remainder of the form. Please also tell us which of the 3 tracks listed above BEST fits your presentation.

"Leadership Symposium"
Vision - "To lead the water industry in professional management and leadership development"
Mission - "To create resources to equitably develop, promote and retain successful leaders in the Pacific Northwest Section"

Speaker Information
A 3 or 4 sentence description of your current job duties (including length of time in position); a short summary of previous related employment; a list of professional registrations, certifications and licenses; and the names of any co-authors of your abstract.

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