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Global Forum
The Global Forum at International House is dedicated to promoting global awareness, understanding and citizenship throughout UCSD and the communities it serves through public lectures, discussions and events. Help out with sign-ins and evaluations!
Language Conversation Tables
Become a host for language conversation tables and you’ll get the chance to share your language skills and help others become confident in speaking a different language! This is not only great for your resume but also a fun way to connect with people from around the world! If you’re interested in being a host, please use the following link to apply:
Sunday Supper
Sunday Supper serves as a quarterly opporunity for students to reconnect, celebrate the quarter and explore different themes through speakers and performers. We always need help on the day of this event with setting up or sign-ins.
I-Plus are intern initiated programs and partner programs that support International House’s overall mission to build community and promote intercultural and global awareness, understanding and citizenship to foster a more tolerant, sustainable and peaceful world.
Create the community for upcoming quarters
Our community is very special and we want you to help create it by reading I-House applications for the upcoming quarters!
International Friday Café
Focused on a different country each week, Friday Café allows participants to meet people from around the world, enjoy international music and explore world cultures! Volunteers can assist at International Friday Café and finish the week off right with meals from different countries!
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