Our corporation flies through the most vicious, chaotic, and explosive regions of space in New Eden. We are pleased you wish to join our ranks. As part of Moira, and the greater Villore Accords alliance, you have an opportunity to finely hone your PVP skills and make a real contribution to our community. However, so we can get to know a little more about you, please complete this form. Your responses will help us understand your knowledge of Eve Online and what you hope to accomplish while flying with us.

There may be more than one right answer to some of these questions. By answering to best of your ability, you demonstrate how seriously you wish to join our group, and help show off your experience and skills.
What is the name of the Character you are applying with? *
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To introduce you to some of our PVP, this is a match during the alliance tournament 14, in 2016.
Why did we destroy the enemy Hyena first? *
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Why did the Orthrus survive? *
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This was a GMVA/Moira combat patrol in the Black Rise region. Fast moving faction frigates are an excellent tool to scout out and engage unprepared enemies and score valuable kills.
What is the ship firing laser weapons in the foreground of this image? *
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What is this ship's primary effective combat fit? *
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What is your favorite faction frigate (Pirate or navy)? *
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Our alliance and corporation often participate in null-security patrols and roams. This was an image of our fleet passing through Pure Blind.
What class of ships are shown in this image? *
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Are you interested in nullsec roams and combat? *
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Nullsec often involves warp disruption bubbles. How do you safeguard your implants from being destroyed if you lose your ship? *
While mobile warfare is a key aspect of our gameplay, sometimes heavy armor cruisers are needed to punch through the enemy's fleet.
What is the ship shown in the foreground of this image? *
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Please provide your full API key ID. *
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Now provide the verification code. *
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Thank you for completing the application. The completeness of your responses will improve the chances of a speedy interview and approval process. Please contact Julianus Soter in-game if you have any questions.
Long Live the Federation.
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