US 278 Corridor Improvements Community Impact Assessment Survey
Throughout the summer and fall months of 2019, a Community Impact Assessment will be completed in the US 278 Corridor Improvements project study area. The Community Impact Assessment is a process used to analyze the impacts the project could have on nearby communities and their quality of life. The role of the Community Impact Assessment is to ensure the values of the human environment are heard and incorporated throughout the life of the project.

The assessment evaluates several issues of importance for each neighborhood, including neighborhood cohesion, safety, aesthetics, and mobility. To better understand potential impacts, information is being collected from the neighborhoods in the project study area through a variety of ways. In addition to surveys and comments, you may also see project team members locally in your neighborhoods or at stores in the area.

We would like to learn more about you and your neighborhood. Please help us understand more about your community by completing the survey below. Your answers will help us better understand the concerns in your neighborhood and allow us to determine how the project may affect your community.

US 278 Corridor Improvements Project Study Area (Project Limits are from Moss Creek Drive to Spanish Wells Road)
Project limits are from Moss Creek Drive to Spanish Wells Road
In what community/neighborhood do you live? (i.e. Stoney, Mitchellville, Windmill Harbour, etc.) *
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How long have you lived in your neighborhood?
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Do you have family in the neighborhood?
Does your household have school-aged children?
Do neighbors have close relationships with each other?
Does your neighborhood have events or get-togethers?
How do you commute to work?
Where do you work?
What sites or community facilities (bike/pedestrian paths, community centers, etc.) are most important to your community?
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What sites or community facilities do you feel are lacking in your neighborhood?
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Where are the difficult points of access caused by US 278 currently?
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What is the perceived effect of US 278 corridor improvements on the community? What are the potential benefits?
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How would you describe the quality of life for your neighborhood?
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