Covid-19 Stories
COAEYC seeks to witness and document how Colorado early childhood professionals, the individuals in the field, are experiencing Covid-19. We want to recognize and remember the human element of this time: how caregivers without babies to hold are filling the void; how directors without staff and families to lead are providing guidance; how families without childcare are treading water; how children without friends to color with, hug, or share giggles are finding new ways to spend their time; how those who are still working to keep our communities going - those who are still caring for young children during this crisis - we really want to know, "How are you?"

If you would like to share your story with us and be part of COAEYC COVID STORIES, please follow the link. You do not need to be a member to share! We welcome everyone's story.

In 200 words or less, please share a response to any of the following prompts or anything else you feel is relevant.

1. How has the Covid-19 pandemic impacted you, your job, or your family?

2. What kinds of supports do you need?

3. What kinds of supports do you think the ECE field needs?

4. What are you doing to be "okay" right now? What does "okay" look like?

5. What does the ECE field in 2021 look like to you?

*The Executive Director of COAEYC, Akane Ogren, will follow up with you via email to make sure we have your story just the way you'd like it and to get final approval on the creation of your poster. The posters will be released via Facebook/Twitter and the COAEYC website. If you would prefer to have a conversation about your experience, please feel free to note that in the survey below and we will set up a time to chat. Thank you for sharing!
Please submit your 200 word or less response here. *
By sharing your stories, you are giving COAEYC permission to share and distribute verbally or in written form. If you would like your personal information to be included with your story, please tell us your full name, location, and ECE position or title or role (e.x. Brenda Lee, Littleton, parent of school aged children and lead teacher in a preschool room). If you do not wish to share your information, leave this section blank.
We'd like to stay in touch and share with you any materials we create using these stories. If you feel comfortable, please share your email address below. We will not share email addresses nor will we share names from emails. Your story will remain anonymous if you choose.
Thank you very much for sharing important, personal, and emotional information with us and the ECE field. If you have any questions or additional comments, please contact us through
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