Thank you for participating in the Sanganai/Hlanganani World Tourism Expo. In order for the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) to capture your valuable assessment of the country’s tourism product, and the organisation of this Expo, please take a moment to read this questionnaire and respond to the questions below.    


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1. (a) Country of permanent residence
1(b). Position in company/organization
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 1(c). Type of business
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2. How did you come to know about Sanganai/Hlanganani World Travel and Tourism Expo?

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3(a). Have you ever attended any other Travel Fairs in Africa?
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3 (b). If so, which Fairs and in which African countries?
3(c). Was Zimbabwe visible at these Fairs ?   
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4.       After your experiences in Zimbabwe on this visit, how do you rank the following?

Below Average
Very Good
Not Sure
Variety of Tourism Products
General Service Delivery
Transport Service
Customs Clearance
Food & Beverages
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Any comments on any of the above

5.  Please evaluate the tour/s you undertook in Zimbabwe, by answering the questions below:
Were you collected at your hotel on time?
Was your tour vehicle clean and tidy?
Was your itinerary explained to you by your tour guide/ leader?
Did your tour guide/ group leader have enough knowledge of the product?
Did you enjoy the tour/s?
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If you enjoyed the tours, can you mention the areas you enjoyed the most (mention the top 3)
6. Which activities did you enjoy most during your visit?
7. How do you rate the venue of this Expo?
What can be done to improve the venue?

8.  How helpful was the information provided by the organizers of the Expo?

9. Did the exhibits and exhibitors meet your expectations?            
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If not, what were the major weaknesses?
10. This year the Expo has been held in mid October. Are you happy with the timing?
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If not happy with the timing, please give your reasons and suggestions?
11. Do you intend to take part in the next Sanganai/Hlanganani World Travel & Tourism Expo?   
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If “No”, please comment
12. In order to improve the quality of future Expos, what do you recommend?
13. How do you rate these airports?(indicate where you have been through)
Very Poor
Very Good
R. G. Mugabe International (Harare)
Victoria Falls International
J. M. Nkomo International (Bulawayo)
Buffalo Range Airport
Charles Prince Airport
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