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Fill out this form for each debater that is participating. If you have a TP team of two siblings, please fill out this form twice (once for each one).
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Choose the league you plan on competing in at tournaments. (If you are a really adventurous debater and want to compete in both leagues, you'll need to register and pay separately for each.)
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Opt-In for an extra debate? (Don't select this if you have a busy schedule)
By checking this box, I am saying that in the event that there is an odd number of competitors, I would be willing to do an additional debate (two debates in one week). If one TP partner checks this box, we will assume both team members are willing to potentially do an extra round.
Customize your schedule? (opt out of rounds)
If you know in advance that you would like to opt out of certain rounds, check the boxes for the rounds you will NOT be available for. (You can always opt out of rounds later, but it can sometimes be easier to opt out up front.) Use the calendar to the right of this section to see when each round will be.
Both parents and debaters will be notified when a new round is paired.
Judge Information
You must have someone (a parent, coach, alumni, etc) sign up to judge Ziggy debate rounds throughout the semester. You can edit this information later by visiting the Judges List page and clicking "Edit my judging information."
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(Parent, sponsor, or anyone who will be available to judge)
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Types of Debate I'd like to Judge *
Chose one, or both. (It is assumed the judge will judge debates of the league you signed up for; if your judge intends to judge for both leagues or the other league, please use the "other" option to write something like "Stoa and NCFCA LD," or "NCFCA TP and Stoa LD," etc.
Days/Times of the Week Judge is Available *
By checking this box, I agree that I will adhere to the Ziggy Rules (available on the website), do my best to participate in every debate I am scheduled for, will be responsible for organizing a debate time with my opponent and my judge, will send my judge a blank ballot in a timely fashion, will treat my fellow debaters and my judges with respect, consent to allowing my name and tournament results to be published on Ziggy products (website and awards), and recognize that failure to abide by Ziggy rules may result in suspension. *
Additional availability info
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Payment Information
Please note that PayPal charges a small fee for use of their services, so the amount you pay will be slightly higher if you chose PayPal. HOWEVER, if you have a PayPal account, you can go to www.paypal.me/isaacsommers and submit a payment as Friends & Family to avoid the fee.
Payment Method *
Ziggy currently costs $25 for the Fall ($30 after Sept 30, 2018). IF PAYING BY CHECK, PLEASE SEE THE ADDRESS AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE FOR MAILING INSTRUCTIONS.
PayPal Email
If using PayPal, enter the email address you will be using with PayPal
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