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Thank you for completing this information prior to evaluation and/or therapy sessions begin. Rainbow Tree Therapies, LLC is providing private therapy in one one one and small group sessions. Small group sessions occur when the fit is appropriate and there is a peer group to access. Animals may be used in therapy but consistently apart of therapy. There may be interactions with animals but we currently do not provide therapeutic horse riding as part of therapeutic services. Horse riding is consistently available during our Find Your Rhythm Camp during the Summer months and for occasional retreats offered in the Fall season.
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If you endorsed trauma above, please explain as much as you feel comfortable sharing regarding the trauma.
If you checked any of the above boxes, please include comments including medication name if prescribed and currently taking, how many meltdowns in a day and any additional comments regarding above.
What strategies work best to calm your child when he or she is upset?
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Rainbow Tree is a cash based business model. Payment for the evaluation will be collected the day of the evaluation. If your child requires direct therapy services, an invoice will be sent to you for an up front payment of 8 sessions. This payment will be made prior to any services provided. Please see website for package information (
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By checking each of the the following, you are agreeing with the statements in their totality. *
The following will seek your permission for release of information and for permission for Occupational Therapy graduate students to observe and/or be apart of therapy.
I authorize the therapists at Rainbow Tree Therapies LLC to allow my child to occasionally be observed during therapy sessions by fieldwork students/interns and/or volunteers. I understand that these individuals will be signing confidentiality agreements. This agreement remains in affect until your child has been officially discharged from therapy. *
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Release of Information (read below)
Information to be released would include evaluation information and goals.
I authorize Rainbow Tree Therapies to release information to, obtain information from and exchange information with the following listed private therapy clinic, school personnel, or physician that you would like us to consult with to provide comprehensive or collaborative support regarding your child. ****By listing the names and contact number, you are authorizing this release. If not authorizing anyone, please indicate "NO AUTHORIZATION." This authorization will be in affect until your child has been discharged from therapy at Rainbow Tree Therapies and updated as needed. *
I agree to the above and I understand that I have the right to refuse to sign this form and I may revoke my consent in writing at any time (except to the extent that the information has already been released). Add your Name & Date you agreed. *
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