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1. I have the ability to organize ideas, resources, time and people effectively. *
2. I am willing to study and prepare for the task of teaching. *
3. I am able to relate the truths of God to specific actions. *
4. I have a God-given ability to help others grow in their faith. *
5. I possess a special ability to communicate the truth of salvation. *
6. I have the ability to make critical decisions when necessary. *
7. I am sensitive to the hurts of people. *
8. I experience joy in meeting needs through sharing possessions. *
9. I enjoy studying. *
10. I have delivered God’s message of warning and judgment. *
11. I am able to sense the true motivation of persons and movements. *
12. I have a special ability to trust God in difficult situations. *
13. I have a strong desire to contribute to the establishment of new churches. *
14. I take action to meet physical and practical needs rather than merely talking about or planning to help. *
15. I enjoy entertaining guests in my home. *
16. I can adapt my guidance to fit the maturity of those working with me. *
17. I can delegate and assign meaningful work. *
18. I have an ability and desire to teach. *
19. I am usually able to analyze a situation correctly. *
20. I have a natural tendency to encourage others. *
21. I am willing to take the initiative in helping other Christians grow in their faith. *
22. I am acutely aware of other people’s emotions, such as loneliness, pain, fear, or anger. *
23. I am a cheerful giver. *
24. I spend time digging into facts. *
25. I feel that I have a message from God to deliver to others. *
26. I can recognize when a person is genuine / honest. *
27. I am a person of vision (a clear mental portrait of a preferable future given by God). I can communicate vision in such a way that others commit to making the vision a reality. *
28. I am willing to yield to God’s will rather than question and waver. *
29. I would like to be more active in getting the gospel to people in other lands. *
30. It makes me happy to do things for people in need. *
31. I am successful in getting a group to do its work joyfully. *
32. I am able to make strangers feel at ease. *
33. I have the ability to plan learning approaches. *
34. I can identify those who need encouragement. *
35. I have trained Christians to be more obedient disciples of Christ. *
36. I am willing to do whatever it takes to see others come to Christ. *
37. I am attracted to people who are hurting. *
38. I am a generous giver. *
39. I am able to discover new truths. *
40. Scripture gives me spiritual insights about issues and people, compelling me to speak out. *
41. I can sense when a person is acting in accord with Gods’ will. *
42. I can trust in God even when things look dark. *
43. I can determine where God wants a group to go and help it get there. *
44. I have a strong desire to take the gospel to places where it has never been heard. *
45. I enjoy reaching out to new people in my church and community. *
46. I am sensitive to the needs of people. *
47. I have been able to make effective, efficient plans for accomplishing the goals of a group. *
48. I am often consulted when fellow Christians are struggling to make difficult decisions. *
49. I think about how I can comfort and encourage others in my congregation. *
50. I am able to give spiritual direction to others. *
51. I am able to present the gospel to lost persons in such a way that they accept the Lord and His salvation. *
52. I possess an unusual capacity to understand the feelings of those in distress. *
53. I have a strong sense of stewardship based on the recognition that God owns all things. *
54. I have delivered to other people messages that have come directly from God. *
55. I can sense when a person is acting under God’s leadership. *
56. I am not afraid to take risks if it moves God’s work forward. *
57. I feel that I should take the gospel to people who have different beliefs from me. *
58. I have an acute awareness of the physical needs of others. *
59. I am skilled in setting forth positive and precise steps of action. *
60. I like to meet visitors at church and make them feel welcome. *
61. I explain Scripture in such a way that others understand it. *
62. I can usually see spiritual solutions to problems. *
63. I welcome opportunities to offer comfort, consolation, encouragement or counseling. *
64. I feel at ease in sharing Christ with nonbelievers. *
65. I can influence others to perform to their highest God-given potential. *
66. I recognize the signs of stress and distress in others. *
67. I desire to give generously and unpretentiously to worthwhile projects and ministries. *
68. I can organize facts into meaningful relationships. *
69. God gives me messages to deliver to His people. *
70. I can sense whether people are being honest when they tell of their religious experiences. *
71. I enjoy presenting the gospel to persons of other cultures and backgrounds. *
72. I enjoy doing little things that help people. *
73. I can give a clear, uncomplicated presentation. *
74. I have been able to apply biblical truth to the specific needs of my church. *
75. God has used me to encourage others to live Christ-like lives. *
76. I have sensed the need to help other people become more effective in their ministries. *
77. I like to talk about Jesus to those who do not know Him. *
78. I have the ability to make strangers feel comfortable in my home. *
79. I have a wide range of study resources and know how to secure information. *
80. It’s not a struggle for me to truly believe with God, everything is possible. *
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