Alternative Spring Break E-Board Application
Interested in becoming an Alternative Spring Break E-Board Member? If you're passionate about volunteering and are interested in a leadership position, apply!

*Co-President: Help Kristy lead the UIC ASB chapter by overseeing all the committees, planning and leading general body meetings as well as e-board meetings, interview and place students on our trips, etc.

*Treasurer: Manage the winter and spring break trip budgets and our overall budget for ASB through the year, deposit money into our account and submit reimbursement documents as needed, make sure the money earned from our fundraising events enters our account, and handle the van reservations for all trips.

*Secretary: Takes down meeting notes during our executive board meetings and share the notes with everyone on the e-board, manages the ASB listserv, and manages the official member log keeping up to date with the members involvement in our org.

*Soldier Field Coordinator: Coordinates with the soldier field NPO coordinator to set up our NPO contract for the 2020-2021 school year, confirms dates we will be volunteering at soldier field, sends the NPO coordinator our roster per committed game, reminds board members of upcoming events.

*Site Coordinator: Plan 1-2 winter and 1-2 spring break trips in various parts of the country. You will need to find an organization to volunteer with and housing for the trip.

*Street Views of Chicago: Plan and lead awesome volunteering events around Chicago once a month during the semesters.

*Fundraising: Plan creative fundraising opportunities for ASB so that we can continue to keep our Winter Break and Spring Break Trips super affordable.

*Publicity: Promote ASB through our Instagram and Facebook pages as well as design trip t-shirts.

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